Tiled Kitchen Splashback

Continuing our series of articles on the top trends for 2016

Comfort is key
While some kitchen stools make a strong visual impact, they aren’t necessarily designed to be kind on your back or behind. Thankfully it is predicted that high-design style will take a backseat to comfort (though, not completely) when it comes to kitchen furniture and seating in 2016. Prepare to see more seating that features soft, organic shapes and cosy fabrics, such as wool linens and organic cottons. Extra comfort will be added in the form of plush pillows and cushions.

Texture, texture, texture
More texture will be introduced in kitchen design in 2016.  Homeowners have loved the pared-back minimalist white kitchen style for quite a while now, and although it will still remain popular, the addition of textures adds depth and interest.

Expect to see a lot of textured laminate popping up in kitchens this year, especially on cabinet fronts. The tactile surfaces will add a warm, natural and homely feeling to the kitchen, regardless of the colour and style.

Incorporating a textured tiled or slump glass splashback into your kitchen is another easy (and popular) way to work the trend into your scheme.

If you’re looking for other ways to incorporate texture into your kitchen, choose a worktop with a natural grain or pattern; alternating between coloured and timber veneer cabinet fronts; or opting for concrete, stone or timber flooring. Selecting timber or industrial-style stools will add another layer of tactile appeal to your scheme and help complete your richly textured look.

Neutrals and other subdued shades
After a year dominated by blues, bold, saturated colours and black, 2016 marks a return to soothing, versatile neutrals. Grey is still in, but it’s a lot warmer, creating a palette of muted grey taupes. Meanwhile, at the other end of the neutral spectrum, browns are taking on a cooler tinge. Classic, crisp white will remain a go-to hue in the year ahead.

Geometric motifs
It is expected to see more geometric patterns being introduced in kitchens in this year, particularly on splashbacks.  Geometric shapes add an interesting dimension to a space and can be adapted to suit both contemporary- and traditional-style spaces.

Look out for hexagonal-shaped wall and floor tiles, rectangular tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern and also square tiles with geometric patterns.