Out of the Counter Lift Oven by Caple

Almost as long as there’s been television, there have been television programmes predicting what the kitchen of the future might look like.

Caple Sense C5100 Lift OvenBut the thing they often miss is the fact that many people don’t want a modern kitchen – they want the convenience of modern appliances maybe, but with a traditional appearance. Emerson Living specialises in bespoke kitchens design in Bath and believes that a kitchen space should be designed to be functional while providing some surprises along the way.

That’s why, when you walk into a converted farmhouse or barn kitchen, you’ve got a good chance of seeing a range cooker that may have been in that very spot, or close nearby, for decades.

So when you see new and innovative materials or mechanisms in a newly built kitchen and say “it’s so futuristic!”, you may well be looking at the ‘traditional’ kitchen of the future.

Here are just a couple of the trends we think are in with a real chance of shaping future kitchens, but which are already available to install in your home today.

Caple Sense C5100 Lift Oven

The Caple Sense C5100 Lift Oven has been making headlines since 2012, and is perfect for maximising the use of workspace in a kitchen, or for anyone who cannot bend down close to ground level, where most ovens are found.

In the C5100, Caple have created an oven that rises majestically from your worktop at the touch of a button, giving you good access to a number of cooking trays.

On its descent back into the cooking position, sensors help to ensure that no fingers or stray utensils can become trapped, if they are hanging over the edge of its recess.

Caple are already winning design awards for this innovative oven, and if they manage to combine that with substantial market penetration, this could be a design classic of the future.